Nieuw Delft tall vase

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Nieuw Delft tall vase

As the name suggests, this was a completely new product in terms of decoration and manufacture. Based on a technique developed by H.W. Mauser, the dark-firing clay was first coated with a white engobe layer upon which the painted decoration was applied. The decorations were designed by Leon Senf, who had been inspired by this series by patterns on Persian pots dating from the 12th and 13th centuries. At the beginning of 1910, the colors used were blue, green and red, whereas by the end of that year metallic decorations (Nieuw Delft lustre) and bicolor decorations (mainly blue and turquoise) had also been introduced.

Height: ca. 20 cm (ca. 7.8 in.)

Extra informatie

Artikelnummer ND.01.004
Land Nederland
Nieuw Delft tall vaseNieuw Delft tall vase
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